• Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

    Item No.: ZXL0355
    $1.24 - $3.89
    It can meet the demand of many people when you have a party or drink and refill for a long time, without worrying about the embarrassing scene of running out of cold whiskey stones in the middle of the party. Unlike ice, whisky stone makes your drink cold and doesn't dilute it, keeping the original flavor of the drink, so you can taste more delicious and smooth whiskey. Help your family or friends enjoy 100% strong whisky and 100% pure juice at the birthday party.
  • Metal Table Side Bag Hook

    Item No.: ZXL0690
    $1.19 - $4.27
    The hook¡¯s design is simple, which is easy to use and a good decoration.The hangers have a small size and will be convenient to carry and store.Despite its small size, it has a strong durability and good usage.The logos are attractive and if you want, it can be customized. The hooks can serve as a gift for your girlfriend and other family members.


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